Research, Education and Design for the HealthCare Community  

Benefits and Features:

Clinical Expertise
Healthcare Programming Experience
Simulation Modeling Innovation
Project Team Building
Clinical Program Space and Code Evaluation
User Group Briefings and Facilitation
Simulation Model Data Collection and Planning
Turnkey Service: Concept to Post-Occupancy




- With or Without Facility Construction -

We provide healthcare facility planning support services through our research, education and design experience to optimize patient flow and satisfaction. From programming and simulation modeling to relocation and the DPH inspectional tour preparation, we help improve your department, facility, network or community.

We understand the process and language of clinicians, architects and simulation engineers. Our experience gives us an advantage over companies which provide these services individually.

Our experience working with healthcare architects to assist in planning new and renovated clinical space will benefit your next construction project. But you do not need to be in a construction project.

We work with you in any phase of your project from conceptual design to post-occupancy. We follow up with our simulation modeling services, adjusting the model over time.

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