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Output chart of simulation modeling variables



O'Hara HealthCare Consultants will help you:

Identify the scope of your project, including existing conditions and current workflow, project improvement goals, clinical guidelines and recommendations with your own valued resources including clinical chairpersons, nursing directors and clinical & environmental support staff, as well as administrative leaders, which will direct your capacity planning project.

Determine the primary space specific architectural considerations for a project which significantly impact the total system design including the need for clean contaminated processing rooms, requirements for airborne isolation, equipment storage, cubicle size, support spaces, circulation space and critical adjacencies and flow; handicapped accessibility and JCAHO patient flow guidelines.
Evaluate your program's necessary considerations and available tools to create your simulation model using existing data collection reports, IS/IT systems, probability analysis and more.
Create a Planning and Simulation Modeling checklist to begin your next project including adjacent requirements such as 'the clinical neighborhood'.
Compare improvement goals (operational and case volume), based on existing systems, with outcomes identified through simulation modeling such as increased patient volume, decreased throughput delays, better healthcare staff utilization and improved patient, family and employee satisfaction.
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