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Answering your questions with user-friendly, statistically valid, innovative solutions:

"Do I hire the healthcare planner, simulation engineer or architect first?"
"To hire OHC, must I be in the process of designing or building a new space?"
"If I have already hired an architect, can I still validate the design with simulation?"
"Can I only simulate 'what-if' scenarios in one department or throughout?"
"Can I use our data collection process and IS/IT systems to create a model?"




O'Hara HealthCare Consultants provides diversified, comprehensive and innovative clinical capacity and patient flow planning services.

We will coordinate data input from all planning service providers to validate your existing and projected space or program improvements.

Using Simulation Modeling, the experience of our diverse professional team, including Clinicians, Architect, Simulation Engineer, along with your facility's team, we provide answers to your "what-if" scenarios as you begin or upgrade your planning process.

Through existing schedules and data, procedures and protocols, and subject matter expertise, we provide you with a statistically valid model as well as the training to test "what-if" scenarios for your own unique department, facility or network.

We deliver you a dynamic simulation model which your clinical and administrative leaders can adjust and align with changing healthcare planning goals and trends. We can also increase the model complexity to evaluate facility-wide system process change and patient throughput.

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